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I know not who I am?

I know not who I am
I am neither a believer going to the mosque.
Nor given to non-believing ways.
Neither clean nor unclean.
Neither Moses nor Pharaoh.
I know not who I am.

I am neither among sinners nor among saints;
Neither happy nor unhappy.
I belong neither to water nor to earth.
I am neither fire nor air.
I know not who I am.

Neither do I know the secret of religion,
Nor am I born of Adam end Eve.
I have given myself no name.
I belong neither to those who squat and Pray,
Nor to those who have gone astray.
I know not who I am

I was in the beginning, I'd be there in the end.
I know not any one other that the one.
Who could be wiser than Bulleh Shah
Whose master is ever there to tend?
I know not who I am.

(Baba Bulleh Shah)

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